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Choose the path you want to take first as a Web Developer...

Full Stack Development

Learn everything you need to become a Full Stack Web Developer.

Build Simple Websites

Learn the basics of HTML and CSS in order to create simple websites.

Become a Freelancer

Learn how to make a living by making websites for your clients.

Learn Fast Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of HMTL, CSS, JavaScript or PHP.

Back-End Development

Learn how to create database-driven websites from scratch.

Front-End Development

Learn how to master the design of a website and user interface.

Let's Learn to Code

Be part of our amazing community and help us change the world

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This site is simply awesome if you want to learn Web Development.

Jenny Anderson

The best website covering Web Development and Freelancing.

John Richards

I simply love the courses and the support from these guys.

Mark Tullin

We want our students to have the best of us even before taking any course, so we have prepared several goodies to get you started as a web developer.
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